Sell Your House Fast In Smyrna, GA – A Seller Success Story

Need to sell your house fast in Smyrna, GA? See exactly how we can help in the article below.

First Step – Initial Contact

sell my house fast in Smyrna, GA

A potential seller contacted me off of a direct mail piece we sent him in the mail. He owned a home in the Williams Park neighborhood in Smyrna, GA and was interested in potentially selling his house, but had a price in mind and would only sell for that price. He had been using this property as a rental property for nearly 30 years, with the same tenants for 20. So not only was he unwilling to budge on price, but he also wanted to make sure he could structure a lease back for his tenants, as he wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to relocate.

Step 2 – Drive by Inspection of Smyrna, GA House

smyrna, ga property inspection

So, I went and drove by the house to see how it looked. It was in a pretty good location but I could tell from the look of the outside and how much work it was sure to need, I was going to be unable to hit his number and keep it myself as a successful rental property. This was when the creative juices started flowing. Since I also live in the Williams Park neighborhood myself I had noticed a significant amount of new build development in the area and thought that maybe a developer would be interested in this lot. I mean there was a brand new huge house just a few houses down. People in the area know that if they need to sell their house fast in Smyrna, GA, that developers will certainly help them with that.

Step 3 – Our Options

thinking over our options for buying you smryna, ga home

So instead of buying the house for myself, because with the amount of repairs necessary it would end up being a bad deal for me, I contacted some developers in the area to see if they would have interest in buying this particular Smyrna home. I had a couple of developers interested in purchasing the property and they were willing to pay the amount the seller wanted for the property and also agreed to do a lease back for the tenants. Because they are just going to tear the house down and build a $500,000+ house, they have the ability to pay more for this particular property than I do as someone who would either look to improve the existing footprint and sell as a flip, or to keep as a rental property. So I essentially became a middle man, the developer paid me a fee for assigning the contract to them, the seller got the number he wanted all along, and the developer got a great lot to build a brand new property on. A win for everyone!

Final Step – Sell your house fast in Smyrna, GA closing

celebrating closing

There are many ways to make a real estate transaction happen. Whether I buy it and keep it myself, we work out a lease option or an owner finance deal, or I become a middle man and find a cash buyer for your property, we have many options and will work with you to make sure you get what you want and need. If you need to sell your house fast in Smyrna, GA, give us a call or fill out the form on our website today! We would love to work with you.

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