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Our goal is to help home sellers simplify the transaction process of selling their home or investment property. As opposed to selling on the open market and having to deal with scheduling showings and having people track all through your house for weeks or months, waiting for buyers to find financing, going through inspections, etc, we make things easy. We strive to help sellers with any situation they may find themselves in. We buy houses from couples going through tough divorces, we buy inherited houses from families who are just not quite sure what to do with them, we buy houses from landlords who are looking to liquidate their portfolios, we buy houses in any condition, distressed or not, and we buy houses for cash and can close quickly if necessary. Our goal is to find a win-win solution for everyone and to quickly and easily get you moving towards your next stage of life. So if you own a house in the Leesburg, GA area and are looking to sell it for any reason, give us a shot to make you an offer, what will it hurt?


Full disclosure, I was a student in the Lee County School System from K-12th grade. However, I think the statistics I will use will clearly show that that Lee County Schools clearly dwarf those around them in the area and make a compelling reason for parents with children to move into the area to get their kids into the best schools possible. If you need to sell your house fast in Leesburg, GA , let us help. We would love to work with you on moving into the next stage of your life.

Elementary School

elementary school

A good primary/elementary school is the building block of your child’s education and potential future success. Both of Leesburg’s elementary schools are in the top ~20% of all elementary schools in the state. Lee County Elementary and Twin Oaks Elementary are ranked number 243 and number 255 in the state of GA respectively. That is out of a possible 1203 elementary schools in the state. This is really good, especially for a small rural town in southwest GA. Now compare that to some schools in surrounding counties. Lincoln Elementary in Albany is ranked 625th in the state. Sherwood Acres is ranked 857th. Worth County Elementary in Sylvester is ranked 677th in the state and Sumter County Elementary in Americus us totally unranked. This really goes to show that in comparison with it’s peers, Lee County schools are heads and shoulders above the competition.

Middle School

middle school

There are two middle schools in Leesburg, Lee County Middle East and Lee County Middle West. These are ranked number 147 and 157 in the state respectively out of 534 registered middle schools. Now lets compare this to their counterparts in neighboring counties. Now I will say Robert Cross Middle in Albany is one of the very best in the state. It is the local magnet school and is excellent coming in ranked number 41 in the state. Of the 4 other middle schools in Albany, none are ranked higher than number 425 in the state. It’s Robert Cross or bust in Albany. Worth County Middle in Sylvester comes in ranked at number 317 in the state and Sumter County Middle in Americus comes in ranked number 434. Again, Lee County puts its nearby competition to shame and proves why people gravitate to the area to improve their kids success.

High School

high school

Now moving on to the High School Level. The home of the Mighty Trojans and the 2017 state football champions and state runner up in baseball. Lee County High has a lot to offer both academically and in extra curriculars. Obviously the athletic programs are thriving currently. They have incredible new athletic facilities for multiple sports. Also, they have a great theater program and resources for their actors/actresses to thrive.

Academically, LCHS is without a doubt the best school in the area. LCHS is ranked number 69 in the state of GA out of 417 registered high schools. Americus Sumter High, Worth County High, Westover, Dougherty, Monroe come in ranked numbers 299, 271, 251, 371, 360 respectively out of a total of 417 schools. None are ranked in the top 50% of high schools in Georgia. I mean there is truly no comparison.


I think without a doubt, schools in Leesburg, GA are the best in the SOWEGA area. This is a major reason why we are looking to acquire real estate in the area. People want to move into Leesburg to get their kids in school there and need a place to live. So, if you need to sell your house fast in leesburg, ga, give us a call today, we think we can help and make it a quick and easy experience.

















































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