5 Reasons Why Selling Your House To An Investor Could Be The Best Option For You

Listen, I will be totally honest with you, for 90% of people out there who own a home and are looking to sell, selling to an investor is more than likely not in your best interest. Especially with the real estate market as hot as it is right now. Yes, we have to buy your house at a discount, if we didn’t there would be no way for us to make money. And as much as I love real estate, I don’t just buy up a bunch of houses just for the fun of it. I buy them to make money, just like any other business person does when they start their businesses. But, there are quite a few special circumstances where selling to an investor makes sense and would be more beneficial to a property owner than selling on the open market. I go in depth below on some of the reasons why you should look into selling to an investor. So if you fit any of the below criteria or are looking to sell your house quickly, for any reason, and need the help of an investor, feel free to reach out at any time. We buy houses all over the metro Atlanta area and are actively looking to buy more.

Inherited a Property

we buy probate houses

So you’ve inherited a property. That property needs a little work, or maybe a lot of work. More than likely you don’t have the time and potentially don’t have the money to fix the property up and get it on the market to sell. This is what a real estate investor specializes in. We love properties that we can purchase and add value to. It is how we make our living.

Maybe the property is in pretty good shape but there is still a mortgage on it that you cannot afford to pay and you need to sell it quickly. Again, investors specialize in situations like these. We can close quickly (we can pay cash) unlike traditional home buyers who need 45+ days to bring their financing to the table.

Or maybe you are just overwhelmed with the situation at hand and don’t want to add a stressful real estate transaction on top of things. Whatever your specific situation is, we would love to help. We purchase probate properties all over the Atlanta area and would love to help you seamlessly transition to the next stage of your life.

Bad Tenants

bad tenants

If anyone out there tells you that being a landlord is easy, they more than likely have never been a landlord. Yes, if you do your due diligence and bring in great tenants to your property, your life becomes exponentially easier as a landlord. But if you bring a bad tenant into your property, that is a headache that could last a long time. Maybe you had to go through a rough eviction with a tenant and are just fed up with being a landlord and want to sell your property as quickly as possible. Or maybe you had a tenant who trashed your place and had a hoarding problem and you just don’t have the liquid capital to clean up and fix the property. I recently went and toured a house where the tenants apparently let their kids use the walls as a coloring book. There was crayon all over the house. These are the type of things that drive landlords crazy and can cause you to want to be done with your rental property and land-lording in general. If this is the case for you, we would love to work with you. We deal with difficult tenant situations regularly and would love to help you out of your stressful situation.

Quick Re-location

sell your house fast atlanta

Get a new job and need to move quickly. We can help. Maybe you have a sick family member that you need to drop everything and take care of. Whatever your reason is for needing to re-locate quickly, we specialize in these types of transactions. We can close in as little as two weeks and potentially quicker if push comes to shove. Give us a call today and see if we can help you out.


going through a divorce

Divorce is one of the toughest situations life can throw at you. Adding in a mortgage you can no longer afford can make it even tougher. A lot of couples purchase their homes based on their combined salaries. You can see how that would be a financial issue when one person moves out and buys another house or gets an apartment and the couple is now responsible for paying multiple payments for housing and can only afford the original mortgage. Add on top of that significant amounts of money for lawyer fees and you get a messy situation. If this particular couple does not have significant savings to their name this could cause a major financial burden. Don’t let it get to that point. We can help purchase your house quickly and take some of the stress off of you immediately.

Damage to House

we buy houses atlanta

Having just finished a purchase of my personal home in the last year, I can personally attest to how difficult it is to keep it in tip top shape. Heck, I’ve only been living in my house approximately 8 months and there are nicks in the wall, scratches on the floor, and spots where paint could be touched up. Now imagine living in a house 20+ years. It’s not that you have been negligent in taking care of your property but 20 years of wear and tear on a house is bound to show. Maybe you don’t want to have to worry about renovating your house to get top dollar, I mean you bought it 30 years ago so more than likely the value of the home has risen significantly higher than what you bought it for anyway. Maybe you’re content with that and don’t want to put in a lot of time and effort into fixing up a property just to make a little bit more money. We love fixer uppers and love making properties our own.

Storm damage, fire damage, etc. We deal with all of that as well. Collect your insurance check and get some more money on top of that by selling to us and don’t do any of the work. We will handle everything.


Like I said before, for the most part, you are better off hiring a real estate agent or selling your house by owner on the open market rather than enlisting an investor to purchase your property. But, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your property and sell it quickly with little hassle, let us help you out. We focus on dealing with situations like these all the time and look forward to helping you. So if you need to sell your house in Atlanta, give us a call. We buy houses in Atlanta and all over the metro area and we look forward to working with you!




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